Exciting things for GS

I’m not sure know about you, but I am tired of the C-word! Don’t get me wrong, I am concerned for the safety of those around me and everyone else but keeping everyone at a distance is friggin’ hard work. So enough of the C-word, instead I want to focus on what we have been doing and the exciting plans we have coming up.

Firstly, Christmas isn’t very far away – YAY. Who doesn’t love Christmas (except for Bruce and the Grinch)?. The Christmas tree is going up a bit earlier at my home this year to help me remember happy times, gift giving, family, friends, and summer holidays. Fantastic!

And speaking of summer holidays… 

Gilligan Sheppard will close the office from Thursday 23rd December 2021 and re-open Monday 17th January 2022.

Yes, let’s leave 2021 behind as we look forward to 2022, which will be an exciting time for the Gilligan Sheppard (GS) team. We will begin the New Year with a migration of data and a ‘go live’ date with new practice management software, along with a new workflow and document management system. For GS, this means more training, learning, and becoming superstar users of a new system.

We are also looking forward to our new electronic signing and portal solution for you, our clients. This change has not been simple, nor fast. In fact, we have investigated this several times over the past ten years. Due diligence has been achieved with a collaborative team, and we strongly believe that the right tools required to do our job are just as important as taking care of each other, our GS values, and our clients’ success. A change of IT systems and processes are rarely a walk in the park, and the frustration that comes with it isn’t something that anybody looks forward to, however, we are all excited to grow ourselves and each-other, as we are certain that the benefits will outweigh any issues.

New Website

We are happy to announce our new website is now live! One of the features is that you can pay your GS fees with your credit card. Have a look and check out our full range of services and profiles of our GS team.


Last but not least, we have also been busy with stage one of our premises refresh. We wanted to ensure we had a welcoming space for you to be greeted upon arrival, along with a clean modern environment for our team to work in. We now have more meeting rooms and a shared space to enable comfortable team training and updates. A few surprises along the way of course, but we managed to get the first stage completed under budget and only just outside of the time frame, because of, well… mmm again, let’s not mention that C-word. Although, we do need to let you know that we will have a set of screening questions and require proof of your vaccine passport to ensure we continue to keep our team safe during the foreseeable future.

Wishing you, your family, your business, and everyone you know a safe and happy summer. We love working with you and we are sooo looking forward to next year and continuing our growth together.

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