Dear Bruce and all the staff…

Dear Bruce and all the staff,
I would like to once again, thank you very much for all the support you have given me in leading up to my baseball tournament held in Hwaseong, Korea, 2018.
It was evening when we arrived at Incheon Airport and travelled 1 hour 45 minutes to our destination, Hotel Prumir in Hwaseong.
The following day, we went out exploring and starting acclimatising to the conditions, of which was hot and very humid. We experienced 40 degree temperatures during the day.
Our tournament was held at Hwaseong Dream Park, which is the world’s largest youth baseball stadium and this year 19 teams from 13 countries competed.
NZ was in Pool B and we played Chinese Taipei, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, CNMI, and China. We had a pretty tough battle on our hands against some of these teams, however we are very proud to have won against the Philippines (which is a huge achievement as NZ has never won a game at this tournament before). To celebrate we went out with team China to a Baseball game at Gocheok Sky Dome which was another amazing experience.
I learnt a lot while I was away, especially about myself, like resilience, persistence, to remain positive and take every game as an experience and learn from it. I made some friends with other players from different countries as well as building on my own friendships amongst our team.
This experience has given me wonderful memories that will always be with me. I love baseball, representing my country and everything it represents and this tournament has just pushed me to want more, work harder to succeed and to be the best I can be.
Thank you again for your support. I have already started training for my baseball season and preparations for next year’s tournaments. Please find attached (below) some photo’s of my journey in Korea. I look forward to keeping you all updated with my progress.
Kind regards
Luka Vukcevic
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