Client satisfaction

Here at Gilligan Sheppard we want to make sure that our clients are happy with our service and services. Seven reasons why our clients choose us;

  1. We help to identify and solve problems.
  2. We help optimise opportunities and outcomes.
  3. We give honest, straightforward advice.
  4. We help to ensure you achieve your potential
  5. We are friendly, approachable and practical.
  6. We listen and focus. We keep things simple.
  7. Predictable and consistent values and style.

We set out targets to ensure customer satisfaction and when we know that our clients are happy, we reward ourselves. Just recently, we were allowed to pick a piece of gym equipment – we chose a cross trainer. We had a session with an instructor on how to best use it and set up a team calendar for booking times.
We have a few gym buffs amongst us who are really keen and we’re sure the rest of the team will follow. Our next incentive scheme is an overseas conference… let’s all hope the workouts in our little gym help with the bikini and mankini bods we want for our tropical island getaway!
If you would like to experience more of the Gilligan Sheppard treatment, get in touch with us.

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