Important notice for overseas directors

Changes introduced by the Companies Office Amendment Act coming into effect end of October 2015. If you are a Director of a New Zealand company and live overseas you will require:

  • One of the directors of the New Zealand company to:
    • live in New Zealand or
    • live in Australia and also to be a director of an Australian incorporated company.
  • All directors are required to provide their place of birth and date of birth.

If you think this will apply to your company or you have any queries, please contact us on We need to have a resident director appointed to your company before the end of October 2015.
请新西兰注册成立的公司注意, 新西兰关于公司管理的法律修订(Companies Office Amendment Act)将于2015年10月起生效,其相关内容如下:

  • 所有新西兰注册成立的公司至少需要一个董事满足以下条件:
    • 居住在新西兰或
    • 住在澳大利亚,并成为澳大利亚注册成立的公司的董事。
  • 所有董事都必须提供他们的出生地和出生日期。

如果你的公司目前没有满足以上要求, 请务必在2015年10月月底前任命至少一位符合以上条件的董事。如果您还没有提供董事的相关资料给我们, 也请抓紧时间, 谢谢您的合作.

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