Chinese Tax Seminar


We would like to invite you to a Chinese tax seminar with keynote speaker Russell Brown. The seminar will be hosted and translated into Chinese by Yi Ping Ge.

China’s new tax system for individuals and what it means for Chinese individuals not residing in China;

  • Tax in China and tax on China sourced income
  • How is residency determined and family substance tests
  • What is domicile and how does it affect individuals now and possibly in the future
  • Tax planning cross border with China and New Zealand
  • Overseas asset allocation and alternative assets

我们邀请您参加由Russell Brown主讲的中国税务讲座。讲座将由Yi Ping Ge主持并翻译。
• 在中国征税和对来自中国的收入征税
• 如何确定居住权和家庭测试
• 什么是主住所,以及它如何影响个人现在以及将来
• 与中国和新西兰跨境进行税收规划
• 海外资产配置及与另类投资资产

Russell Brown OBE

Mr Russell Brown is the Founder and Managing Partner of LehmanBrown International Accountants, a China-focused accounting, taxation and business advisory firm with operations in Beijing, Hong Kong and China. Russell has over 30 years working experience, including 22 years residing in China and has been involved in establishing and developing businesses in China. Previously Russell was Global CFO of one of the world’s largest public relations and communications consulting companies. Russell is actively involved in many charitable events and has been president and now foundation chair Rotary Club of Beijing. Russell was past chair of the British Chamber of Commerce in China and awarded an OBE for services to British Business and the British Community in China. Yi Ping will be translating.

Russell Brown先生是LehmanBrown International Accountants国际会计师事务所的创始人和执行合伙人,LehmanBrown国际会计师事务所是一家专注于中国的会计,税务和商业咨询公司,业务遍及北京,香港和中国其他地区。Russell拥有30多年的工作经验,其中包括在中国的22年工作经验,并一直在中国建立和发展业务。此前, Russell是全球最大的公共关系和传播咨询公司之一的全球CFO。Russell积极参与许多慈善活动,曾任北京扶轮社的主席,是现任扶轮社慈善基金主席。Russell曾任中国英国商会主席,并因其为英国商业和中国英国社区的服务被授予大英帝国勋章。Yi Ping将为Russell翻译

Yi Ping Ge CPA & TEP

Yi Ping Ge grew up in Zhejiang province in China. She initially trained and obtained an Engineering degree at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. Later on, she obtained her Commerce degree from Auckland University in New Zealand.

Yi Ping has been advising and assisting our clients on a range of business challenges for two decades. Her strengths include pragmatically approaching all business compliance issues, ownership structures, wealth protection and intergenerational transitions and mergers & acquisitions. International tax planning and issues that concern immigrants from China are her favourite topics. Above all, clients value Yi Ping’s connectivity and broad networks within NZ and China’s business environs.



Ally Cui AFA & CFA

JBWere is owned by National Australia Bank and is a sister company with Bank of New Zealand (BNZ). JBWere’s core business is the provision of Wealth Management services to high net worth clients in New Zealand and Australia. The company employs over 500 staff Australasia-wide, and has been in existence since 1840. JBWere has AUD80billion funds under advice or administration, amount that NZD18bilion is in New Zealand.

Ally joined JBWere in 2015 and works closely with clients to design bespoke investment solutions to suit their unique circumstances. Ally enjoys publishing investment educational articles and speaking at investment seminars from time to time. Prior to working at JBWere, Ally held roles working as a Financial Analyst assisting NZ start-ups to raise capital, and promoting foreign direct investment into New Zealand. Ally holds a Bachelor of Economics and a Masters in Finance, is an Authorised Financial Adviser, NZX Adviser and CFA Charterholder.

JBWere隶属澳大利亚国民银行, 与新西兰银行(BNZ)是姐妹公司。 JBWere的核心业务是向新西兰和澳大利亚的高净值客户提供财富管理服务。公司的经营历史可追溯至1840年,目前在澳纽地区拥有500名员工。由JBWere提供顾问或执管服务的基金超过800亿澳币,其中180亿新西兰元位于新西兰。

Ally于2015年加入JBWere . 她与客户紧密合作,为其量身定制投资方案。Ally定期发表各类投资教育文章,并经常在投资研讨会上发表演讲。在加入JBWere之前,Ally曾担任财务分析师,协助新西兰的初创企业筹集资金,促进外国企业对新西兰的直接投资。 Ally拥有经济学学士学位和金融硕士学位,是新西兰政府授权金融顾问,新西兰证券交易所持牌顾问和CFA协会特许金融分析师。

When: Monday 4th November 2019
Time: 10.00am – 12.00pm
Venue: CPA Australia, NZ office, Level 16, 1 Queen Street, Auckland CBD
RSVP: Please email [email protected] before the 30th October to reserve your seat as seating is limited to 80.

日期: 2019年11月4日周一 时间: 10.00am – 12.00pm
地点: CPA Australia, NZ office, Level 16, 1 Queen Street, Auckland CBD
座位只限80. 现场会提供咖啡, 茶和点心
登记: 请于10月30日前电邮[email protected]预留座位

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