The 10 departments within your business

  1. Shareholder
    The shareholder’s role is to fund the business.
  2. Directorship
    The directors set the direction for the business.
  3. Leadership
    Leadership is about leading the implementation of a plan effectively to maximise business efficiency and performance.
  4. Product / Service Development
    Developing new and existing products or services for sale.
  5. Operations / Delivery
    Delivery of products or services to generate cash sales.
  6. Sales
    Convert prospective clients or customers into actual clients or customers.
  7. Marketing
    Generate leads for sales to convert into clients or customers.
  8. Finance
    Manage the business’s cash.
  9. HR
    Manage employment related tasks and issues and engage the team.
  10. Admin / IT
    Management of office tasks and systems to maximise efficiency.

All businesses are required to perform tasks relating to these departments on a regular basis. Part of our service to you is to help establish better business functionality, by devising the best structure for your team, helping you to remove some of the ‘hats’ you are currently wearing and assessing any resourcing gaps.

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