Innovation IP Workshop

In conjunction with Callaghan Innovation, EverEdgeIP have developed a programme to help New Zealand companies leverage their innovation and intellectual property to drive accelerated growth.
What is Innovation IP?
Innovation IP consists of two interactive, confidential workshops plus on-going support relating to intellectual property strategy and technology commercialisation.
The goal of the programme is simple: to help companies transform their innovation and intellectual property into commercial success. Led by experienced professionals we explain important concepts, the decisions you will face, case studies of what works and what doesn’t and demonstrate useful tools and frameworks that deliver results.
Innovation IP is designed to provide you with the knowledge and tools to understand and implement a relevant and cost effective intellectual property strategy for your business.
Why is Intellectual Property important?
For many people, “Intellectual Property” just means “patents and trademarks”. Based on hundreds of engagements our experience is that most businesses have important intellectual property but it is not necessarily in patents and trademarks. Instead it is captured in a broad range of human and organisational assets. In short “Intellectual Property” is what makes your business special: the know-how, processes, inventions, data, design, brands, content, ingenuity and imagination that give you your edge. Intellectual property is not about legal rights, it’s about business assets and the value they create for you, day in, day out. Intellectual property is your edge.

We left with a far better understanding of intellectual property, which makes you think very differently about your business. CEO – Rated 5/5

What’s the value to my company?
A carefully designed and well executed Intellectual Property Strategy is the best possible starting point for extracting value from technology or innovation. An intellectual property strategy is essential to:

  • Grow enterprise value by leveraging (often underutilised) intellectual property assets;
  • Mitigate the risk of intellectual property theft or loss;
  • Reducing risk of infringing third party intellectual property risk; and
  • Guide the strategic management of intellectual property.

The Innovation IP Programme is designed not just to provide you with an Intellectual Property Strategy but also the on-going support and assistance to maximise your return on investment in research, product development, creativity and innovation.
How do we work with you?
EverEdgeIP will work with you to develop and implement a clear, pragmatic and commercially focussed Intellectual Property Strategy tailored to your business. The EverEdgeIP Innovation IP Programme consists of two four-hour interactive private workshops plus a further 12 hours of handson expert support and assistance.
In Workshop One our international award winning experts:

  • introduce the concept of intellectual property as a business asset and strategic tool rather than a legal right
  • work with you and your team to understand your business, industry, competitors and value drivers
  • identify what intellectual property you already own;
  • isolate what your current and potential competitive edge is.

In Workshop Two the focus shifts to help you:

  • understand how to transform your edge into business value by developing an Intellectual Property Strategy that reflects where your business is now and where you want to be
  • develop a step by step programme to implement that strategy including specific actions and milestones.

We’ve all experienced going to workshops only to return to business as usual. To avoid this we provide a further 12 hours on-going support and advice to implement the strategy and execute the recommendations and action points developed during the Workshops.

“All companies should do this.”
Software Company Director – Rated 5/5



“After this workshop I don’t think we should do any of the recommendations of [another provider] so we probably saved about $20,000 immediately and a lot more later.”
Consumer Products Multinational CEO – Rated 4.5/5

Why work with EverEdgeIP?
EverEdgeIP is the World’s largest Intellectual Property Strategy and Management Company. We deliver six of the World’s top Intellectual Property Strategists: no other firm globally has more.
Founded in 2003 we have delivered an average client Return on Investment of 350% across more than 800 engagements. With offices in New Zealand, the United States, United Kingdom and Australia we have worked with everyone from ambitious start-ups to Fortune 100 and 500 companies. In New Zealand we work with four of the top 5 technology companies, 12 of the top 20 and many of the NZX.
Our multidisciplinary team of entrepreneurs, high growth company CEO’s, engineers, scientists, IP attorneys and finance experts brings the fields of business, technology and law together under one roof. Importantly although we employ experienced patent and trademark attorneys we do not file patents or trademarks on behalf of clients – this is essential to providing impartial and objective advice on Intellectual Property Strategy.
In addition we employ technical experts who bring direct experience in industries including:

  • software
  • electronics
  • biotechnology
  • medical technologies
  • transportation
  • manufacturing
  • commodities
  • pharmaceuticals
  • media
  • food and beverage
  • financial services
  • chemical engineering
  • material sciences
  • internet and digital
  • agri-technology
  • telecommunications

In short we provide expert, objective and insightful advice, specialist resources and a global network of trusted relationships, delivered by the World’s strongest intellectual property strategy team.
What is the investment and who should attend?
The investment for the Innovation IP Programme is $10,750. Callaghan Innovation will co-fund 50% of this amount for eligible, pre-approved participants. Innovation IP will be invaluable to senior management teams, business owners, directors and investors, R&D managers, product managers, software and hardware development teams and innovators.

“The workshop was fantastic. Definitely recommended for any company wanting to grow.”
Senior R&D Manager – Rated 4.5/5

For additional information or to apply for the Innovation IP Programme contact:
EverEdgeIP on [email protected], call +64 9 489 2331, visit

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