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Mel Wang

Tax Specialist

Mel Wang travelled to New Zealand as an international student from Quanzhou 20 years ago – the city that is renowned for its famous Operas and Tieguanyin Tea. She then completed her Bachelor of Business before becoming a Chartered Accountant. She worked for several firms before starting her own small CA business in 2008, where she assists clients (mostly friends and family) with their tax returns, problems, and queries. Mel has committed the last decade to what she’s most passionate about – ‘mum life’ and helping others. Sharing and caring reflects through everything Mel has achieved over the years – she has recorded two children fairy-tale audio books and one horror/love/suspension mandarin book, became an educator for the Newmarket Playcentre, and currently writes a WeChat Blog that offers tax advice for Chinese readers in New Zealand. Mel delivers a systematic, pragmatic, and creative approach to work and looks forward to sharing her tax knowledge with Gilligan Sheppard clients.

“Life is too short to be dull – we live on stability to make sure creativity is happening.”

“Life is like a box of chocolates,  you never know what you’re going to get ”.

Mel likes to go for walks amongst nature and usually spends her spare time (when she’s off mum and business duty) watching movies, reading books and listening to music. She makes an effort to try new things even when they’re out of her comfort zone.

“I sing when I can, and laugh and cry when I need to. It’s great to appreciate the present”

Biggest Fear:

Death of love ones

Family Deets:

Husband, two daughters and a choc lab

Fav Location:


Fav Food:

Chocolate, ice cream, seafood, fresh sushi, steak (medium rare) – I can’t decide!

Fav Drink:

Chinese green tea – Tie Guan Yin

Fav Movie:

Fifth element/Interstella/Shawshank’s redemption/The Help – too many!

Leisure Activity:

Singing, dancing and listening to music

Best Holiday:

Summertime in Mangawhai