Tax Residency

Whether you are coming to New Zealand for the first time (or returning home after being away for a while), or you are looking to go overseas for a period of time, it’s prudent to have a reasonable understanding of how New Zealand’s income tax rules may apply to you.

Consequently, if you need answers to any of the below questions, or for that matter, on any issue surrounding New Zealand’s tax residency rules and their application to both residents and non-residents, then the tax team at Gilligan Sheppard is here to help.

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Will you qualify as a transitional tax resident for the first four years you are in New Zealand, and if so, what implications does this have for you in respect of income you derive during this period which does not have a New Zealand source? 

As an existing New Zealand tax resident looking to go overseas for a period of time, what continuing compliance obligations with Inland Revenue are you likely to have?

When will you be likely to be considered a non-resident for New Zealand tax purposes?

What consequence does retaining the family home while you are overseas have in relation to your status as a New Zealand tax resident?

What happens if you also become a tax resident of another country while at the same time you retain a New Zealand tax resident status? Will both countries attempt to tax your worldwide income leading to potential double taxation?

What we’ll do

We can provide a variety of services, ranging from detailed tax opinions which will clearly set out your tax residency status from a New Zealand perspective and your annual compliance obligations accordingly, through to providing easy to understand quick answers with respect to your more general questions.

We’re more than happy to assess your scenario on a no obligations basis, and then provide you with an upfront cost estimate so you can be comfortable proceeding with the knowledge of exactly what it will cost you to utilise our advisory services.

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