Business Valuations

If you don’t want to leave money on the table, sometimes it’s really important to get a valuation. Valuations don’t just save you money when you’re selling your company or claiming insurance either. Our Value Added Team are experts at business valuations. We see all sorts of unusual situations, and will defend our valuations in court.

Sometimes you just need advice on what you actually need. We can help you work out what’s important before doing a valuation report, because sometimes you just don’t need one. This can save you a lot of money, and we won’t charge you for the first meeting.

Please note that we don’t do property valuations – we specialise in business and share valuations.

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Valuation work we do really well

Relationship property disputes

We can prepare expert-level valuations which can be used in legal proceedings, but sometimes a valuation report isn’t what’s required. Sometimes there are more efficient ways to do things – you can count on us to always give you advice on what you actually need.

Insurance valuations

Do you have shareholder protection insurance? Get insurance for peace of mind. We can do the valuation to support your insurance policy if one is required.

Selling, buying, restructuring or raising capital for your business

These are the obvious situations for a valuation, but one size doesn’t fit all. We have tax experts at hand if part of your business is expanding off shore, and we’ve had plenty of experience with buying, selling and investing in businesses.

Litigation support valuations

Suing someone? Being sued? We can look at how much money you’ve lost (or being sued for) and give you an expert-level report that can be used in court as evidence.  We can also appear as an expert witness if required.

Valuing a business loss

Is the government putting a motorway through your business? It’s not an ideal situation to find yourself in. We can help with the compensation, acquisition or relocation claim – we’ve done lots of these and know the process inside and out.

Employees, succession and ESOPs

It’s not easy working out how to pass the baton, let alone what your business is worth. ESOPs and earn-outs are something we do really well, and we use them ourselves for our own staff.

Some of the valuation stuff we have done recently

Relationship property disputes

We joined a mediation to help untangle a mess of business assets involving tens of millions of dollars, and negotiate a result that everyone was happy with. We wrote a critique of another expert’s valuation, which helped sort out a relationship property dispute before it went to court.

Restructuring your business

We valued the intellectual property (IP) of a company restructuring globally, to help transfer it to another country to fit with the new business structure.

Buying or selling your business

We help all the way through the process – we’ve helped many people with working through the value of businesses and managing the due diligence process.

Business loss

Recently we helped a group of 8 businesses work through the Public Works Act and value their businesses relocation. This can be a difficult and emotional process for SMEs where businesses are an important part of the owners’ lives. We were able to get a satisfactory result for both parties.

Our valuation team