Priti Lata


Priti Lata migrated to New Zealand  from Fiji at twelve years old with her family. After completing her schooling years, she attained her Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting and Tax from The University of Auckland. She worked as a Tax Investigator with Inland Revenue for five years and completed her Chartered Accountant qualification in 2011. Priti felt like she needed a new challenge, more experience, and to her grow her independence, so she decided to move to Melbourne. She worked in Australia for a number of different CA firms over the course of nine years. Upon her return to New Zealand in December 2021, Priti began her journey with GS. Priti is personable and pragmatic and enjoys the challenge of getting to know a business, understanding its performance and developing a plan to achieve the desired objectives.

Priti highly values honesty, trust, and above all, being yourself. Understanding, listening and communicating clearly with her clients and colleagues, comes naturally to Priti.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

Priti is a firm believer in making sure you don’t get so busy earning a living that you forget to live your life. So, spare time is never wasted! Alongside spending leisure time with her family and friends, she loves travelling around and exploring new places, cultures, food and meeting new people along the way. Some of Priti’s keen interests include cycling, hiking, dancing and long drives.

Be Authentic. Be Genuine. Be Real. Be Yourself

Biggest Fear:

Losing a family member

Fav Location:


Fav Food:

Japanese and Thai cuisine 

Fav Drink:


Sport Played

Netball, Tennis and Badminton

Leisure Activity:

Cycling, hiking and long drives

Best Holiday:

Europe trip