How to get best from your advisor

It’s all about effective communication – where the intended message is successfully delivered, received and understood – and relationships.

Information exchange

Some days we receive upwards of 40 emails, if you have a question, consider a chat on the phone – it can make all the difference. But more importantly, you can start to build a relationship with your advisor. Here, we are gaining valuable information in order to understand how we can assist you better.  

Emailing information to us is a time where less is more and I encourage combining where possible. You can imagine when we get 40 emails a day, they can blend in a bit. That is fine and we can still find your emails, but it is not efficient use of your advisors ‘chargeable’ time.

xero cloud

If we have to pick up and put down your job it becomes inefficient, when we have to reacquaint ourselves with a job it adds time each time. Aim to give us a complete list of records at the outset. If you want some help with this, please ask your advisor to prepare a customised checklist especially for you. 

Or, you can talk to the Cloud Services Team – Jone and Tania about how you can save your records into Xero during the year as they come to hand. That way you’ll be a winner when your records are ready in April.

We want to see you

Meeting in person is a great way to build a relationship with your advisor and we can always come to you. Visiting your premises gives us valuable insight about your operations and what makes your business tick. 

If you have something new you’d like to talk about, ask us for a complimentary meeting. Bruce loves us to give our time away for free! 😉

Be real with feedback

One of the Gilligan Sheppard values is ‘The freedom to be real’.  Being real with your feedback is valuable information to us. Your opinion is a resource for us to improve your experience with us.

We want to know everything

Yes even the gossip! It’s a sure fire way to build a strong relationship with us. But we’ll also get excited about your business undertakings – what you’re doing, where you want to go… We want to know what you are doing before you do it so we can advise you of any unintended consequences or the best way to go about it.

Ask us about our cloud services

The cloud services team Jone and Tania are passionate about helping our clients create efficiencies with technology. If you have any questions about Xero or any of the add-on’s, give us a call or better still, meet up with one of us for a coffee. We can offer you a complimentary meeting to cover any questions you may have or discuss where you want to take the business.

Our aim is to be “running here beside you” like Dave Dobbyn – love that Kiwi.

If you don’t know where to begin, want to talk through something, or have a specific question but are not sure who to address it to, fill in the form, and we’ll get back to you within two working days.

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