Artificial Intelligence Benefiting Your Business

“Those were the years after the ice caps had melted…
because of the greenhouse gases, and the oceans had risen, drowned so many cities… along all the shorelines of the world. Amsterdam, Venice, New York – forever lost. Millions of people were displaced. Climates became chaotic.”

The opening lines from the movie AI (Artificial Intelligence). It was a sobering prospect, where was our world heading? While climate change is still a very real, sobering prospect, AI is all around us and not the ‘pure evil’ that it was prophesied to be all those years ago. Well not yet anyway, if the predictions of Stephen Hawking are to be believed (and who wouldn’t)!
In the meantime AI is revolutionising our world in a positive way and is providing endless opportunity for business. Just think of how the smart phone has changed your life in terms of efficiency and knowledge. I personally couldn’t live without Google maps. It’s so much more than just a navigation tool. It shows me how to avoid congestion and helps me to estimate arrival times.
Artificial Intelligence with Xero
For business, AI is an opportunity to save time, automate repetitive tasks and create efficient workflow, reduce mistakes and providing current valuable management and marketing information.
Software used in the cloud is a smart choice. It eliminates the need for expensive upgrades and software licences. It automates the mundane repetitive tasks, leaving staff to take on more valuable work. Businesses pay the monthly subscription and micro upgrades are done virtually unnoticed in the background. This means that businesses are no longer subject to large IT costs associated with software. And it is interesting to note the trend of reducing hard drive capacity and increasing processing speeds in computers.
The cloud is a platform that enables your software and data to be accessible anytime, anywhere from any device via the internet. You might be a little concerned about using the cloud to store your data, however, this can in fact add a layer of security. It removes the problem of data loss from your hard drive, or that failed back-up, or that lost laptop, because the data is stored safely, securely in the cloud. Getting back up and running is as quick and painless as access to another device and the internet. In a lot of cases you can literally run your business and access your valuable data from your smart phone.
So if you’d like the low down on how cloud software can transform your business look out for our seminar in 2018.

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